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Current Projects

Next Generation Data Center

Completed: Tier 3+ Data Center with up to 10,000 racks capacity in China largest city - Shanghai.

Next: Setting up a Global Data Center Portfolio with pipeline deals in Taiwan, Japan, Phoenix, Arizona and Southern California USA, Latin America Tier 2 Cities, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UK and Europe Tier 2 Cities.

Large Scale Industrial and Logistic Hub

Township Development with over 10 square kilometer land area to support high growth and ESG-focused industry - supporting Smart Factory 4.0 Manufacturing Setup

New Technology Private Equity Investment
  • Patented Data Streaming Compression Technology

  • AGI-powered IT Solutions for Data Center Deployment

  • Renewable Energy and Carbon Reducing Technology

US Multi-Family Real Estate Investment

In collaboration with Beams Partner, a local US Team with over 10 years track record, we are raising USD50m to USD100m to scale up the current 250 units of asset to 3,000 units in the next 5 years.

Target AUM: USD 1 billion.

City Coverage: Phoenix, Arizona / Portland, Oregon / Seattle, Washington / Southern California.

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